Anyone who knows us knows we love to travel to, see and experience places we’ve haven’t had the opportunity to before.

So, instead of doing a traditional wedding registry by registering at different places for our friends and family to get us a bunch of wedding gifts that we rolex replica probably don’t need, we’ve decided to do a honeymoon registry. This way, our friends and family can give us the best wedding gift for us, a wedding gift in the form of a honeymoon fund we’ll be able to use to help us take the honeymoon of our dreams... a 10- to 14-day honeymoon trip to Ireland and Scotland!

Below, we have provided a couple of image galleries of some of the places we’d love to be able to see in both Ireland and Scotland.

We are also providing a few different Dwolla buttons (click here to learn more about Dwolla) for a variety of wedding/honeymoon gift amounts as well as a button for a custom amount. Each of these buttons will redirect you to the Dwolla site where you will be able to either create a Dwolla account (Dwolla is basically an online bank account that allows you to transfer funds to people by using a person's email address) or simply use the “Guest Checkout” option (this option doesn’t require you to create a Dwolla account to send us a gift).

For those who would like to give us a wedding gift but don’t feel comfortable sending us a gift online, by way of Dwolla, please feel free to simply bring a wedding card/gift to the wedding.

Thank you all so very much and we can’t tell you all how much we appreciate it!